t.VNA solves the capacity increase of PACS DICOM image data.

Exhibition 2nd Medical Devices & Hospital Equipment Expo TOKYO Booth No. 9-14
URL Country Japan

True Vendor Neutral Archive (Low cost)

t.VNA solution reduces DICOM image data capacity increase and PACS cost increase.
All DICOM data can be stored in t.VNA.
"Small start" and "scale out" are possible.
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Medical nursing support pictogram system / BSS

It cooperates with electronic medical records and expresses the patient's condition with pictograms and text information. In addition, it has become possible to capture biological information.
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Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment

A lightweight probe that can be connected to a tablet or note PC.
Lightweight & compact
Support for Windows & Android
High quality image & quick diagnosis
Simultaneous shooting & transmission from outside
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Automatic medical examination system that proposes a new form of automated medical examination.
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The Lens cleaner for laparoscope and thoracoscope

A novel one-step lens cleaning device using air and water flow for endoscopic surgery.
Cleaning time only 5 seconds.
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